How To Pedal The Medal

Hey subscribers! Today we are going to give you some tips on how to cycle at maximum efficiency!

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#1) Air up the tires on your bicycle close to or at the maximum psi rating for lower rolling resistance.

#2) Make sure the saddle (seat) is at the proper height. Most new riders have the seat way too low. In the 6 O’Clock

position of a pedal, with the ball of your foot on the center of the pedal, there should be a SLIGHT bend in the knee. Anything more than slight – raise the saddle.

#3) Pedal at a rate or “cadence” of 70 – 90 rpm at all times in a gear that’s easy to “spin” using moderate pedal pressure. Pedaling becomes difficult – downshift. As pedaling becomes easier – up-shift. It’s just that simple. Learn how & when to shift gears.

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#4) Stay hydrated. Always take along a cool to cold water bottle.

#5) You may want to add a rear rack & panniers to your bicycle to carry extra clothes and or shoes.

#6) You may want to invest in a few cycling jerseys or athletic shirts that “wick away” moisture – perspiration. And a few pairs of padded cycling shorts.’


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